Pastor Joseph Kabuleta Sues Ethics And Integrity Minister Lokodo Over The ‘RFBO’ Policy

Tamper with anything but do not tamper with controversial veteran Journalist-turned-pastor Joseph Kabuleta’s freedom of worship.

In the wake of the introduction of the National Religious and Faith-Based Organizations (RFBO) policy 2019 which is reportedly set to be enforced anytime soon, Kabuleta appealed to the high court to declare the policy promoted by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity honourable Simon Lokodo and Reverend canon Mwesigwa, the Director of religious affairs at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity ministry,  unconstitutional and unenforceable in Uganda because it imposes  a state religion  on Ugandans contrary to article 7 of the constitution which says that Uganda is has no state religion.

Kabuleta who is the proprietor of ‘The Watchman Fellowship’ also added that the policy also infringes on the right of any Ugandan to practice a religion of their choice, manifest its practices and to join a religious body of their choice.

Through his lawyers Namars Twenda and Co Advocates, Mr. Kabuleta seeks to see court declare this policy unconstitutional as well as stop the government from enforcing it

From the time Kabuleta sued, there is no official communication from the officials enforcing this policy in accordance to his complaint as we wait for court to give its verdict

Meanwhile, in a recent meeting with pastors, president Museveni promised to help them on this matter which has not only rubbed Kabuleta the wrong way but also other pastors.

Journalist-turned-pastor Joseph Kabuleta appealed to the high court to declare the RFBO policy policy unconstitutional and unenforceable in Uganda



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