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Pastor Wilson Bugembe Seeks For Forgiveness Over ‘Tubonga Naawe’

Just when we thought the whole ‘Tubonga Naawe’ issue was done and dusted, Pr Wilson Bugembe has resurfaced, not with a new song praising the incumbent president or his NRM party but with an apology to his fans and the entire public for his involvement in the project.

One may think it’s long overdue for Bugembe to apologize but with the subject that is still costing some musicians, it’s never too late.

The ‘Mpangira Akawala Ako’ artiste based his apology through God’s guidance and after that; he decided to publicly announce it on his social media platform.


Pastor Wilson Bugembe publicly apologised for his involvement in ‘Tubonga Naawe’ project

“I have never had an opportunity to say sorry to you Brethren. It’s a couple of days ago that God helped realize that I had to apologize to you all for my Tubonga Naawe’ involvement. I know I hurt many and apologize.” He wrote.

He also went on to write a verse in the Holy Bible Mathew 6:7 for reference.

Pr Wilson Bugembe was among the 12 artistes who rallied behind President Museveni in the previous presidential elections which angered so many Ugandans that preferred their artistes to remain impartial.


Pastor Wilson Bugembe (in a white shirt) with the other artistes who participated in the Tubonga Nawe project at a dinner with the president at State House Entebbe.

He has followed Rema Namakula who was the first to apologize on NTV The Beat TV show a couple of months back.


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