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Pastor Wilson Bugembe Writes New Song For Heart Broken Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda has released yet another new song. This time written for her by celebrated musical pastor Wilson Bugembe.

The song in which desire sings out her heart about the events that unfolded after her estranged Nigerian boyfriend Franklin Emuobor leaked her nude photos to the public on social media particularly Watsapp which went viral.

The song titled  ‘Ebyama’ the outlet so many of her fans have been asking her to utilise for expressing her feelings about the scandal. She sounds apologetic and it seems this time she got it spot on as comments flying in suggest they approve of her move to release this song.

“Listen to My Newest release written by PASTOR Wilson Bugembe titled EBYAMA. Couldn’t have expressed myself any better than in this song.” Enjoy it! She posted while sharing the link to the song.

pastro wilson bugembe copy

Pastor Wilson Bugembe

She had earlier released another song titled ‘Ekitome’ complete with a music video  in which she argues that she got talent other than the nasty things haters are accusing her of. Though that song received mixed reactions with some sections of the public accusing her of actually leaking her own photos in order to gain publicity and promote her faltering music career.

However yesterday while appearing on an interview on NTV, she reiterated her stand that Franklin actually took advantage of her extreme affection and love to snap her while naked. She was visibly disturbed and shaken as she spoke.

Desire in car

Desire Luzinda

A Tearful Luzinda tried her utmost best to clear the air concerning the mystery surrounding the leaked photos and clips claiming they were shot while they were in a mad moment of steamy love making and ecstasy and that she was not even aware that some of the photos were being taken in those moments. Like she concludes in the new song, we also ask but ‘why?’

Whether her new song helps the situation by winning back her lost fans and new fans remains to be seen as observers believe it may help keep her ‘relevant’ in the news in heat of things.

Listen to Desire’s new song here and give us your view.



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