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Patra, Shaggy And Burna Boy Thrill Fans.. Mafikizolo Were A No Show At The Club Mega Fest

The Club Mega Fest was a major success with over thousands of people turning up for the show, which was dubbed the biggest concert of the year.


 The show started a bit  later than it expected, but that didn’t drive the passion out of the fans as they waited for their artistes to take center stage and ‘boy oh boy’ didn’t they turn it up a notch.

Patra who was a major blast from the past didn’t just have fans singing to romantic call, but also left little to the imagination with her dress code  which was see through, revealing her under garments. With the majority of the fans only knowing romantic call, it wasn’t a shocker that she only performed 2 songs for 10 minutes and off, she run.

Mr Boombastic ‘Shaggy’ was definitely the best performer of the night. His stage presence was somewhat palpable, fans ululated others passed out because they just couldn’t take the heat from the awesome Jamaican.

Performing for over 30 minutes, Shaggy took the Club Mega Fest to a whole new level.  His engaging mechanisms surely worked for him as revelers sung along whenever he called upon them. I think he deserves Ugandan citizenship at this point.


Nigerian star Burna Boy showed he could also fit in Shaggy’s shoes as he engaged the crowd as well. He performed his hit song ‘Like to party’ which receives a lot of air play in several hangouts in the country.

Burna Boy is definitely a great performer, the unfortunate thing for him last night was, the crowd just knew about 2 songs and after that it was a downward spiral with several fans leaving the stadium.

The most disappointing part of the whole festival was that Mafikizolo were a no show. Fans who had tried to cling onto the little energy left, were baffled when they noticed that the South African band will not be able to perform. The reasons are still unclear, but we shall definitely keep  you posted.

Mafikizolo is set to perform at the Serena Hotel tonight, we shall see how that pans out.

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