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Patrick Salvado Among The Competitors For The World’s Funniest Person

Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvado has been nominated for the world’s funniest person along with other comedians from other parts of the world.

The man from Oombokolo has already jumped into the top 10 and he announced it by saying,
We are now number 8, the love has been overwhelming, all I need is to step on that stage and the rest will be mine.. I appreciate the love thus far…. Let’s keep Liking and Sharing this video.

Salvado will further need the backing of his fans for him to stand a chance to win the $100,000 prize and also become the comedy peace ambassador. With voting ending next month, October 2, the fan support has been impressive and it would be great news for the Ugandan comedy industry if the proud father of two can pull this off.

Salvado nominated for worlds funniest person

Salvado nominated for world’s funniest person

It’s always something so encouraging, especially if you are a comedian to crack ribs as far as West Africa and other regions of the world. For Salvado, this is more than mileage and we can wish him all the best in the competition.

Have a look at the video here.

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