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Patrick Salvado Shares His Expectations For 2015. They Are Really Crazy

Patrick Salvado known for his rib cracking jokes, has shared his expectations for 2015 and they are just plain crazy.

Patrick Salvado showcasing his talent at Africa Laughs

Patrick Salvado showcasing his talent at Africa Laughs

Reflecting on 2014, the comedian said,

‘We’ve witnessed as a nation so many crazy and beautiful moments, I’m very thankful for the beautiful moments.’

He further goes to share his expectations of 2015, by saying,

Lord my prayer in 2015 is that There is no repetition of the things that were crazy in 2014. Dry Sex Tapes with terrible choreography, Nudies, Selfies with pointed Lips, use of the words Bae, Boo and Shububu, no more parties of different colors on the same day, No more international shows at freedom city.’ 

It should also be noted that Patrick Salvado recently his fans Ghana yearning for more after putting on a spectacular show.

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