‘Pay Me 500M Or We Face-off In Court’ Bad Black Threatens To Sue Government Over Covid-19 Advert

With many twists and turns popping in everyday concerning the management or of Covid-19 affairs in the country, with City Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black now putting government of Uganda under the spotlight for not paying her after appearing in an advert.

She has threatened to sue government particularly Ministry of Health and its partners UNICEF and Who if they don’t pay her 500 million. She  has given government of Uganda 14 days to pay the money she claims is for service she offered to record an advert for COVID-19 which have been running in both mainstream and social media.

Besides the UGX.500m she also claims an additional UGX. 50 million Shillings in damages for the ”inconveniences and mental anguish” she has suffered after government “used and duped” her since it failed to honor its part of the bargain.

Bad Black in one the parties she earlier hosted.

Bad Black issued a notice of intention to sue the Attorney General through lawyers Musangala advocates and Solicitors, if the 14-day period elapses without full payments being made.

In a document which has now been widely circulated her lawyers claim Bad Black was contracted by the Ministry of Health in April through an agent Ronex Kisembo of Precision Media to record an advert sensitizing women especially those residing in border areas to avoid contact with truck drivers whom government had found to be the risky carriers of COVID-19.

The lawyers also additionally add that it was an oral agreement to have their client to record the advert and later meet President Museveni with whom she would discuss the amount and terms of payment.

They claim that ever since, the advert has been running on different media but the other party has not arranged the meeting with President Museveni as agreed and neither has she been paid for the service.

As if the legal papers were not clear enough, Bad Black in her usual combative style, went on social media spitting fire and threatened who ever is concerned in the deal to pay up or else she will take them on in any way possible claiming she is a mother who needs the money after ‘doing a lot for government’. Checkout the advert in question below;


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