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Pearl Rhythm Music Festival Is On This Weekend At The National Theatre

The Pearl Rhythm Music festival which is intended to revolutionize Uganda’s music industry is on this Saturday 25th October, 2014. at the National theater in Kampala.

Pearl Rhythm Festival brings together the very best of Uganda’s grass root music and creative community and gives them a stage where they can be heard and appreciated. According to the organizers, one of its objectives is to contribute to the creation of a large pool of authentic, creative and original artists valuing and promoting the indigenous cultures of Uganda.

The line up of artists set to feature this year are Irene Ntale, The Magic Horns, Sammy Kasule, Jackie Chandiru, Ceasar Kajura and the City Blend Band, The Undercover Brother, Arpeggio, Charles Obina, Raymond Parwot, Suzan Kerunen, and Watmon Troupe.


Watmon family (Troupe) is expected to perform

Not to forget is the fact that, the selected artists came out of a process of elimination that was held in partnership with Alliance Francaise and Goethe-Zentrum called Stage Coach. Stage Coach is an annual activity where PRF searches for young and fresh artists to join the team of talented and skilled artists of Pearl Rhythm Festival.

This year’s finalists will be presented and ‘served in a delicate, raw, organic and pleasant taste’. The event kicks off from 12 noon to midnight. Tickets are for 10,000/- only

The Festival is working in partnership with Alliance Française Ugandan German Cultural Centre, The Uganda National Cultural Centre and sponsored by Nile Gold, Rwenzori, KCCA, UNCC, Wizarts, under the theme “GO GREEN AND CONSERVE”


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