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Peter Miles Displays His Worth With Notes Of Dollars

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Peter Miles is by far one of Uganda’s biggest Dancehall artistes of all time with big hits like ‘One Time’, ‘Muwala’, ‘Front Line’ to mention but a few. On top of being among the top artistes, Peter is a very rare artiste.

We are very sure it might take you time to remember the last time you saw him grace Ugandan stages to perform and even his production rate kind of reduced but he has new songs out however, for example his recent collabo with Cindy Sanyu and Nigeria’s Ketch Up dubbed ‘Push Back’.

Whereas his critics might say he faded away, Peter Miles has been busy making dimes and he took to his Instagram account where he shared a photo of him resting his head on lots of 100 US dollar notes and captioned it in Jamaican Patwa  “And di blessings dema flow like di great river Nile”

This was a justification that he has made and is still making enough dollars to chop on with his girlfriend  Sheri Bukirwa and their little daughter Kyla Amber Kanyike who was born in June last year.

Going by his social media posts, Peter seems to be performing a lot at gigs abroad and that could be one of the reasons why he is rare on the Ugandan Entertainment scene of late. Secondly, from the time he launched his Road Block Marines company which deals in luxurious boats for hire, he has been a busy man but all these have been earning him money which he shared for the world to see.

Peter Miles and his girlfriend Sheri Bukirwa


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