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Peter Miles To Take Luxury Boat Business To The Next Level

Dancehall music veteran Peter Miles has decided to venture into luxurious boat business after being inspired by the surroundings he grew up from. Growing up in Entebbe a place surrounded by the biggest lake in Africa – Lake Victoria, Miles decided this was the best business for him after seeing canoes and boats all his life and now wants to take the business to the next level and already, he has began tasting some of the money his Luxury Boat business is bringing in.

Those who follow his social media platforms, will realise he never spends a while without posting photos of himself and friends on speed boats cruising on the waters of Lake Victoria. Recently, the ‘One Time’ hit maker imported more boats and going forward, his company Roadblock Marines is another luxury boat business he set to take boat cruise lovers by storm.


One of the boats Peter Miles imported in this year

“I want the masses to have an experience and appreciate nature as opposed to the normal bar hoping that is also unhealthy. People are appreciating boating as an activity. I am trying to introduce luxury boat cruising as opposed to the traditional canoeing where clients can enjoy leather seating, smooth music where they connect their Bluetooth devices, iPads to the boat and play their selection.” He told Chano8 in an exclusive interview.

But how will Peter juggle between running Roadblock Marines and doing music a thing that brought him to the limelight and turned him into a celebrated person?

“Music is my first love and am busy working on this year’s projects so I will be able to do it hand in hand with boating just like people have different hobbies and it is a beautiful experience either private or business I would still do it exactly like how I ventured into music.” Miles explained.

If one is wondering where to access the veteran artiste’s boat services (especially basing on the fact that he sometimes drives the boats himself), he says the boats are available in Entebbe but clients need to call 0701589103 for prior booking depending on the number of people, destination and hours on water.



Peter Miles and a friend Navio on one of the boats

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