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Peter Miles To Rock South Sudan In A Massive Show

When it comes to dance-hall music in Uganda, Peter Miles is one of those few artistes who have held and still hold the Ugandan flag high. From the time he started singing up to now, Peter Miles has really actively show cased what kind of dance-hall head he is. Songs of him like ‘Njagala Nkutwale’, ‘Ooh Ahh’, and one of his latest dubbed ‘Nyinimu’ can explain how lyrically good Miles is.

He is a very busy man who is ever having shows to perform at for example his recent European tour where he unveiled the best of him in sold out shows. Peter is a silent but active singer who releases one track that will stick in people’s ear drums. He also goes ahead to accompany his mighty tunes with a sizzling voice and a Jamaican language commonly known as Patois (Patwa), an act that has made hype him even in Jamaica including doing collabos with some of the country’s top musicians Demarco and Elephant Man.

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Peter Miles is going to South Sudan

Talking about Peter Kanyike aka Peter Miles being a busy man, he has got an upcoming concert to perform at in South Sudan’s capital Juba. “Billboards set for Juba South Sudan Show……..2nd and 3rd October mad fire”. Said Peter Miles in a social media message. Since he an energetic performer, Peter is expected to put up nice performances to the South Sudanese. Juba are you ready?

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