Phaneroo Ministries Women’s Conference Lays Equal Opportunities Foundation For Women

Known to hold the biggest Christian gatherings in Uganda, Phaneroo Ministries International over the weekend held it’s annual Women’s Conference with thousands turning up at Kololo airstrip.

Around 20,000 women gathered on Saturday to attend the conference formed in defining the destiny of the nation and shaping the character of the society.

This was a platform for advancing Phaneroo’s message of equal opportunities for women in society and the need to raise them as pioneers and thought leaders in their various industries.

Women praying at the conference in Kololo on Saturday.

Among the key people that attended this conference include Arapapa Models proprietor Santa Anzo who shared distinctive wisdom on how one ought to dress for their calling. Besides her, Pastor Modesta Sweneey of Phaneroo Ministries International underscored the uniqueness of the woman’s spirit, saying, “There is a war that only a woman can fight.”

Inspirational world-renowned author and motivational speaker, Dr. Cindy Trimm, CEO of Trimm International said that,”The hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world.”

Emphasizing the unique role of the woman across the globe, she said, “The day you were born dear woman, you were fully loaded. You carry something for your community and every child you birth and raise is a gift to society.”

Fashion Icon Santa Anzo of Arapapa speaking to participants at the conference.

The conference was crowned by Apostle Grace Lubega, the Vision Bearer of Phaneroo Ministries International who stated “Although Africa has carried a patriarchal grace on men, God is raising female generals in our country for He is no respecter of persons.”

The Women’s conference is only one of a series of events that are a precursor to Phaneroo’s upcoming 5th anniversary. On 10th August 2019, the ministry will celebrate 5 years of a phenomenal existence.

With its influential reach into various educational institutions across Uganda, prisons allover the country and to countless Christians in and outside Uganda, Phaneroo continues to be a catalyst of generational transformation.


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