‘Phenomenal Women’ Inspire Youth At Red Sofa Sessions Edition 8

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Red Sofa Sessions no longer needs no big introduction and if you belong to the Kampala Christian circles, we are very sure you know about it. This event has through the years been a meeting place for Christians where they learn from the invited Christian achievers from different spheres of influence at a clean fun night out.

Following a long wait after the 7th edition, the event finally returned with the  8th edition on Friday the 30th of March at Garden City Food Court, Kampala.

Themed ‘Phenomenal Women’, organizers invited 3 women as panelists namely Reverend Canon Diana Nkesiga, Unia Zawedde a motivational speaker and Pastor Sarah Sseggane. It was an interesting session that saw the panelists discuss lots of things about women’s life like why they are called a ‘weaker sex’, why they are not allowed to preach in some places and whether they are supposed to be married to be significant women amongst other things. However, they were first asked to define who a Phenomenal woman is.

“I think a phenomenal woman is one who has embraced  their place as a woman and who they are and what they can become. So I believe phenomenal woman is a process  and any woman who is caught up in the process  is a phenomenal woman.Unia Kiima Zawede explained

Reverend Dina explained saying that being phenomenal has a thing to do with embracing one’s womanhood.

“It begins by embracing your womanhood and seeing it as a power point. It is actually a place of advantage and when you embrace the woman you are, then you become phenomenal in the things you do.” Reverend Diana said

Pastor Sarah however differed and said that to be a phenomenal woman, one needs to have found God.

“To be phenomenal you ought to have found God because everything is us like the beauty, gifts, strength, success, prosperity is all hidden in God and until you find God, you will have a lot of that hidden in you” Said Pastor Sarah Sseggane.

Left to right is Pastor Sarah Sseggane, Reverend Canon Diana Nkesiga and Unia Zawedde a motivational speaker 

It was a session that saw these women share their personal experiences, challenges and how they have overcome them as well as giving advice to the younger women on how to keep up with their families and this in a way took the younger women to school of getting to know how to strive, be strong and resilient to become typical phenomenal women.

The event also answered the one of the most asked questions of whether to be a significant woman one needs to be married. Unia Kiima explained that significance only comes from God.

“We have all this huge thought that as a woman you have to be married to be significant, I don’t agree with that and I don’t think my significance comes from my husband. My significance comes from God

Apart from the discussions on the various topics, the event had performances from gospel singer Patricia Mujungu and Dj Hush who was on the wheels of steel making sure no one got bored and in attendance was Honourable Minister Bahati the State Minister of Finance for Planning.

More Photos

Pastor Sarah Sseggane stressing a point

Unia Zawede Kiima speaking to the attendees

The panelists inspired the women

Honourable minister David Bahat was in attendance

Dj Hush on the wheels of steel

Patricia Mujungu performing

Part of the crowd


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