PHOTO: Prince Harry’s Ex Chick Chelsy Davy Spotted Sad At The Wedding

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After making history on Saturday the 19th of May 2018 at a glamorous Royal Wedding in Windsor city which is West of London, as we talk now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are husband and wife and soon we are yet to see her begin to call herself Meghan Markel Harry

 We once again say big congratulations to Harry upon embracing holy matrimony as millions of people watched world wide

As days go by, the words Royal Wedding are still on people’s lips. Apart from the main people Harry and Meghan, there were a lot of things took place, like the fashion display of the stars in various fields like film, sports, music to mention but a few but what caught people’s eyes also was the facial expression of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy

In Africa, Uganda in particular it is very hard for a person’s ex to attend their wedding but in Europe and America, exes are ok with attending their former lovers’ weddings just like how we saw at the still trending Royal Wedding

The 32-year-old Chelsy who dated Harry on-and-off for seven years was seen all happy and cheerful as she arrived along with other invited guests for the wedding at Windsor Castle before things finally changed when she made her way in St George’s Chapel located in the same castle.

The situation even got so harder for the Zimbabwean born when Harry and Meghan exchanged vows. Chelsy’s facial expression was one to tell that she wasn’t happy at all seeing Meghan who has not dated Harry for more than 3 years take a man she (Chelsy) dated for 7 good years.

Chelsy Davy was constantly caught on camera pulling a bit of grimace during the service at the Chapel but this couldn’t change anything

On her arrival for the wedding, Chelsy was all smiles but this is what happened in the chapel

Here is how Chelsy was happy before she entered the chapel






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