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Photos: How Baby Gloria’s Concert Excited Children

As the Muslims were preparing to celebrate the recently concluded Eid Aduha on Monday, over the weekend on Saturday, gospel singer Baby Gloria who started singing at the tender age of two and a half, successfully held her ‘Sing and Dance With Baby Gloria’ concert at Uganda Museum Grounds lacated in Kitante-Kampala.

The family concert which was sponsored by Mixa Kids and Movit  among others, began as early as 10 AM and the children had many activities that kept them busy the whole day like bouncing castles, swimming pool, camel riding among many others. Music performances were divided into two categories with the young singers going first on stage. Among them was Rokimi Girl, Bashra, Joy Tendo, Little Tammy and Mercy.

The older and more established singers included Coopy Bly, Levixone, Holly Keane Amoti, Ruyonga, Kenvo Lex and Lena Price. Baby Gloria gave it all her best performing majority of her songs from back in the day to the more recent ones as the crowd cheered her on. In a nut shell, the concert was a success and below is how things looked through the cameras.

The Sing and Dance with Baby Gloria concert was successful.

DSC_5720 (Large)

Baby Gloria’s young sister Jolly displaying her skills in dancing Ballet

DSC_5664 (Large)

Children came in hundred to support Baby Gloria

DSC_5646 (Large)

Which kids concert would take place without bouncing castles?

DSC_6258 (Large)

Baby Gloria saying ‘thank you’ to the crowd as her mother and gospel singer Betty Nakibuuka looks on.

DSC_6240 (Large)

Baby Gloria performing alongside Ruyonga

Baby Gloria put a good performance

DSC_6217 (Large)

Baby Gloria had many gifts to give to the children who came to support her

DSC_6165 (Large)

Gospel singer Ruyonga (Left) and Levixone performing

Holly Keane Amoti had energy on stage

DSC_6166 (Large) (2)

Gospel singer Ruyonga performing

DSC_6135 (Large)


DSC_6121 (Large)

Gospel singer Lena Price

Gospel singer Coopy Bly

DSC_6069 (Large)

Camel riding also kept the children busy

Baby Gloria showing skills in playing the guitar

Uncle Mixa from Mixa Kids news paper holding gifts to give to children

DSC_5758 (Large)

Some of the teens pausing for our camera

DSC_5741 (Large)

One of the staff members from Mixa Kids which was a sponsoring company interacting with the children

DSC_5748 (Large)

Gospel singer Joy Tendo

Gospel singer Levixone back stage

DSC_5697 (Large)

Gospel siger Kenvo Lex performing

Gospel singer Little Tammy

DSC_6009 (Large)

Gospel singer Mercy

DSC_5673 (Large)

Children had fun at the Mixa Kids bouncing castle

DSC_5662 (Large) (Large)

Rokimi Girl performing

Bashra performing

DSC_6250 (Large) DSC_6230 (Large) DSC_6216 (Large) DSC_6215 (Large) DSC_6206 (Large)  DSC_6160 (Large) DSC_6156 (Large) DSC_6145 (Large) DSC_6140 (Large) DSC_6070 (Large) DSC_6066 (Large)  DSC_6058 (Large) DSC_6046 (Large)   DSC_6003 (Large) DSC_5994 (Large) (Large) DSC_5878 (Large) DSC_5877 (Large) DSC_5792 (Large) DSC_5726 (Large) (2) DSC_5677 (Large)   DSC_5652 (Large) DSC_5650 (Large) DSC_5642 (Large) DSC_5639 (Large) DSC_5637 (Large) DSC_5635 (Large)

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