Photos: Bakiga Nation’s ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ 7th Edition Pulls Hundreds Once Again

‘Rukundo Egumeho’ which is a biannual social event courtesy of Bakiga Nation is continuing to grow big which is even one of the reasons it was shifted from Hilltop Grounds, Naggulu to Lugogo Upper Grounds. It has ceased to be a gig entirely attended by Bakiga and other Western Uganda tribes to a national event which now pulls almost every tribe

All roads led to Lugogo Upper Grounds last Sunday the 2nd of June where the 7th edition of ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ successfully went down. Despite the fact that it rained, it didn’t stop revellers from thronging the venue in hundreds ready to experience what this edition had to offer.

The event boasted of lots of activities which took place. Among them were the different games like rope skipping, tag of war, Kikiga dance competitions amongst Bakiga clans, without forgetting artistes’ performances from singer Haka Mukiga and Kiga Flow rapper TBro.

It was a slay, eat, drink and interaction kind of set up as the revelers enjoyed  the long holiday break which also saw ‘Martyrs Day’ and ‘Eid Al Fitri’ happening.

All the Bakiga local foods and drinks like the obushera, omuramba, enturirre among many others were there on sale and those who had never had a taste of them finally got one.

‘Rukundo Egumeho’ which is Rukiga/ Runyankore  for ‘Let the love prevail’ was an idea of unity that the organisers of this event  thought about  5 years ago. In a way, this event has turned into a meeting place for Bakiga from all walks of life where they meet and interact at fun day out.

Here is how the 7th edition went down in photos 

The attendance was so encouraging

Rope skipping was one of the activities

Embwa Zirooza is Rukiga for ‘Hot Dogs’

MC Olo (left) and a colleague engaging the crowd

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