Photos: Bell Jamz Hostel Silent Disco Excites MUBS Students

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We are comfortable to say that craze of the Hostel Silent Disco is slowly taking over universities and a special round of applause goes to Bell Lager and Muchachos who have given and are still giving the young campusers this exciting experience

This event’s main intention was to bring the silent disco experience to hostels in different universities with 12 Djs playing the hottest and lit jams at an affordable entrance fee of Ug Shs 10,000. It started on Saturday the 1st September at New Nana Hostel, Makerere University and going by the students’ encouraging reception of the first edition at Nana Hostel, the second edition was also a big success

On Sunday the 23rd of September, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Ideal Platinum Hostel was thronged by students and other revellers (not necessarily MUBS students)  for the second edition of the ongoing Hostel Silent Disco.

It was a beats and beer affair that kicked off as early as 8PM and the revellers listened and danced to the music from the different channels where different music genres were played by the night’s Djs like Wabz, Tony, Meek, XYZL, Alza, Kasbaby, Ciza, Dash who played in different shift throughout the night

According to our realiable sources, at some point, the students kept on switching from channel to cahnnel because of the amazing tunes the Djs were playing which made the whole event a fun filled one

Leaving alone the music, the drinks were also in the building and beer was at an affordable price of only Ug Shs 3,000

As the students of Uganda Christian University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Kampala International University and Kyabombogo university prepare for their editions which are coming int his particular order, Here is how the Hostel Silent disco MUBS version went in full colour photos

Some of the students enjoying the silent disco

Dj XZYL on the ones and twos

The crowd was so encouraging

Dj Roja on the wheels of steal

Dj Ciza

Dj Kas Baby

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