Photos: The Best Of Eddy Kenzo Live Concert Moments

Photos by Habre Muriisa

History was made on Friday as fans from different corners of Uganda and Africa filled Hotel Africana’s parking space to capacity to watch BET award winner Eddy Kenzo live on stage as he held his Airtel and SMS ONE sponsored ‘Eddy Kenzo Live concert 2016’. As early as 7PM, the number of revellers was very encouraging and more continued to march in.

During the two rounds of Kenzo’s live performance, the fans were trully enjoying and they did not only enjoy his performance but also showcases from other headlining artistes like Rema Namakula (Eddy Kenzo’s baby mama), Mary Bata, Geostedy, Nutty Neithan, Lydia Jazmine, Maro, Diaspora-based Cleaver J and live Dj mixes from Djs Shiru, Roja and Slick Stuart, and Urban Star.

Silk Events tried their level best to work on the sound and stage lighting to near perfection and fans should look forward to yet another jaw dropping Eddy Live concert 2017 as it will become an annual event.

Below is a collection of how the concert went down through the lens

DSC_3547 (Custom)

Eddy Kenzo was simply flawless

DSC_3523 (Custom)

The songs were too many so Kenzo had some written on paper for easy remembrance

DSC_3498 (Custom)

VJ Junior was there too

DSC_3482 (Custom)

Rema Namakula performing alongside singer and Guitarist Charmant Mushaga

DSC_3438 (Custom)

Clever Jay made a surprise appearance

DSC_3433 (Custom)

Dancehall Singer Nutty Neithan was there too

DSC_3412 (Custom)


DSC_3428 (Custom)

Voltage Music duo (right) performing alongside a Nigerian singer

DSC_3454 (Custom)

Kenya’s P Unit were the guest performers

DSC_3408 (Custom)

Lydia Jazmine and Geosteday

DSC_3364 (Custom)

Judith Heard did not miss

DSC_3304 (Custom)

The minister for tourism Uganda, Honourable Godfrey Kiwanda was in attendance too

DSC_3207 (Custom)

MC’s Mr Mosh (left) and Douglas Lwanga were among the hosts

DSC_3182 (Custom)

DJ Shiru making revellers dance

DSC_3121 (Custom)

Gospel singer Ken Miziki (Binyuma) came to support Eddy Kenzo

DSC_3487 (Custom)

Rema Namakula

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