Photos: Bobi Wine’s Pimped Monster Ride Back On The Road

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We bet you have not seen artiste turned-politician Bobi Wine driving or being driven in his monster Escalade ride as most times he is seen in his noisy Toyota Tundra. Once in a while Bobi was seen cruising the Escalade but according to reliable sources, he at sometime packed it following some mechanical break down as new sport rims were required to be fixed in as well as fixing other small things.

Basing on the fact Bobi has and is still a busy person working tooth and nail to sharpen his political career,  it kind of delayed the repair of the Escalade but not any more. It is back on the road.

Our sources further told Chano8 that the  car spent the whole of last two weeks in the Kamwokya based  garage  where new sport rims were mounted on to it plus repairing other mechanical things and as we talk now, the car is officially back on the road like never before.

Yesterday  Bobi Wine shared photos of the revamped ride on his Facebook page showing the car and one of the most eye-catching things on it is it’s shinny sport rims which complete the whole spectacular look you might not want to miss.

Going forward, we will see Bobi start  to use the Escalade more often and may be it might also feature in a one of his upcoming videos.

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