Photos: Chameleone ‘Brings The House Down’ At Liquid Silk Naalya

This week’s  Liquid Silk Naalya Unplugged Season 2 episode delivered way more than the usual charm. Just as ‘rich’  Dr Jose Chameleone was an expected delight to grace the stage fresh off his European tour, he was just full of surprises that no one expected, the kind you take to the banks as many journalists did that night.

The legend hit the stage like a star, wrapped in ocean-blue three-piece suit with matching long sleeved shirt and blonde hair ( WizKid inspired), ION we love the new look ,but we are on the fence about this crazy hair do!

When Chameleone started his “Basiima Ogenze” hit, the fans got into a frenzy and had to get up dance and sing along. This must have been the climax of the night and it inspired him to pull of the ‘Rich Gang move’ and made it rain with UGX 20,000 notes. We can’t confirm how much he spent but we can assure you the confusion was serious.

Boys will always be boys when it come to a pissing contest, after Chameleone, 2 other revellers who want to prove that they could also make it rain went ahead to dish out more money to people. I guess every one who stayed home envied the front sitters at Liquid silk.

Radio & weasel will be performing on the next unplugged show, Chameleone is surely going to be a tough act to follow especially after the splashing money stunt. If we remember the Radio & Weasel 10 year anniversary i can say for sure they have a challenge ahead of them. we will keep you updated.

Here are the photos of Chameleon’s performance at Liquid Silk Naalya.

Chameleone performing at Liquid Silk Naalya

Chameleone had good back up from Solid Band

Chameleone rocked the look

Chameleone’s wife Daniela in the crowd enjoying the performance


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