Photos: Cindy Impresses At The Johnnie Walker Unplugged show

Fezah-Johnnie Walker Unplugged is a weekly live music show held every Saturday at the Industrial Area based Design Hub. It is executed in a studio-like setting where fans get to have an up-close experience of their favourite local musicians performing live and last Saturday evening, singer Cindy Sanyu put up a memorable show 

The self proclaimed ‘King Herself’ graced the stage and proved that indeed she is among the best Ugandan female musicians when it comes to live performance.

Being a versatile artiste who has comfort in doing Pop, Afro-beat, Rhythm and Blues as well as Dancehall, Cindy exhibited class on her songs such as ‘Total Satisfaction’, ‘Nawewe’, ‘Onina’, ‘Selector’, ‘Temple’, ‘Dilema’, ‘Mbikoye’, ‘One And Only’ and ‘Ayokyayokya’. She got revellers abandoning their seats to dance while those who couldn’t just sang along.

The former Blu *3 member took to the stage at 9 PM and didn’t waste any time in driving the crowd wild with electrifying dance moves while singing with the help of her Band Cindy .

She communicated with her audience, gave a brief background on what inspired her to do some songs, talked about her journey and most importantly, she asked the crowd what songs they needed her to perform.

With these, the audience was left with no choice but to agree that she is not only good on the microphone but respects them as her fans too

Here are the photos

Cindy doing what she does best


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