Photos: Club Dome Excites Jinja Residents On It’s New Year Come Back

All photos By Habre Muriisa

Just like other districts namely Kampala, Mbarara, Gulu and Ishaka had a taste of the Club Pilsener organised social event Club Dome last year, Yesterday the 18th of February, Jinja district also for the first time experienced a dose of musical performances from top notch artistes, indoor and outdoor games, comedy and live Dj mixes all at Crested Crane Hotel’s grounds.

The night was hosted by the official MC Salvado alongside MC Hype and Urban TV’s Denzel. Anticipated performances were led by Dancehall artiste Nutty Neithan who took to the stage at 10:22 PM. With all the energy, Nutty thrilled fans performing songs like ‘Mulimi Ki’, ‘Bakuwe Kyonywa’ among others but as he performed ‘Footballer’, the crowd was thrown into frenzy by the dance moves he pulled with one of the girls he picked amongst the attendees.

Born in Jinja, the next artiste Maro was welcomed with lots of ululations from the crowd and he had an equally amazing performance singing songs like ‘Embera Zo’, ‘Nkwagala’, ‘Atooti’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Kyoyenda’. However, the performances were not about the above two but there were other showcases from SK Simeon Dj Dash, Roja and Slick Stuart, Jinja based artistes namely Kim Nana, PQ and the Swengere comedy family.

The Apart from the performances, the event boasted of other things that excited and caught people’s attention like video games, mobile beach where revellers were seen chilling at, volley ball, pool and table football. From Kick off time, the revellers seemed to have been impressed by the event and this was evidenced by the crowd’s excitement especially when it was time live Dj mixes from Djs Dash, Roja and Slick Stuart.

Here is’s collection of photos of  how it went down.


Jinja fans represented in large numbers for Club Dome event


Maro performing



As Nutty Neithan performed, he had time to dance with a reveller


DJ Dash on the wheels of steel, he really made attendees dance


Dj Roja and Slick Stuart


Australian based Ugandan artiste SK Simeon performing


Comedian Salvado the official host did not only host but also cracked jokes


Radio presenter and news anchor Andrew Kyamagero was there too


Salvado and MC Hype engaging the crowd


Urnab TV’s Denzel sharing club beers with some of the revellers


Denzel was one of the hosts


Jinja based comedy group Swengere in action


Meet some oof the ushers at the event


Some of the people playing the games


Here is the mobile beach


Live Dj Mixes could not allow attendees to just stand, the danced

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Women got free make up


Outdoor games like Volleyball got revellers busy


Some of the revellers chilling at the mobile beach


Video games caught peoples attention too

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