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David Greenhalgh’s New Girl Celebrates Birthday

You all remember David Greenhalgh, the rich Englishman on whose money Bad Black rode to fame? Well he moved on, and he got himself into a more serious relationship with a more focused woman, Parks Dee Laker, a rumoured engineer. Recently celebrated her birthday and a party was thrown in her honour.

The party was top notch in almost every aspect. It was organised at Greenhalgh’s Kololo mansion, with the organisation being marshalled by A Bryanz. Lighting and stage construction was done by Fenon and the emcee work by Douglas Lwanga of NTV and Deedan of RadioCity.


The well lit glass poolside stage built by Fenon

Miss Laker flew in from New York USA to attend the party. Her beau, David also flew in from London. She was very excited about the day, as she had lent a hand in preparing the party by determining the themes for the day. Gents were themed for black and white outfits, while ladies were to turn up in blue.


“We like to celebrate life, so yeah, I am very happy about today” Ms Parker exclusively told Chano8.

Many of  her close friends were in the house, including old boy Patrick Salvador. It was a Ciroc event, with plenty of the exotic drink in the house.


Radiocity’s Mckenzie was one of the guests

As the night ebbed on, the birthday gift was brought in, being ridden on a Ciroc branded wheelbarrow by a team led by designer Kim Swagga.


Kim Swagga and the A Bryanz team usher in the gift

Laker was dumbfounded on opening it and finding a painting of herself.

“I was gobsmacked actually. It was a nice piece of art. It was his (David) and A Bryanz idea. It was fantastic, very fantastic” an ecstatic Laker added.

The birthday was also sparked up by a little music flavour from crooner Allan Tonix who wowed the crowd. The party dragged on into the night, and revellers left at leisure.




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