Photos: David Lutalo Closes Unplugged Show In Electrifying Fashion

David Lutalo who is just fresh from a very successful concert at Lugogo Cricket oval once again didi it by pulling one of the biggest crowds at the weekly Unplugged shows that happen every Wednesday at Liquid Silk in Naalya.

Season 2 of the shows came to an exciting end last night as fans of live music braved the chilly weather to watch David Lutalo perform on Unplugged at the grand finale, and they were not disappointed for even one minute as the diminutive singer put up yet another master-class act.

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The turn up at the Naalya based hangout was massive and as soon as Lutalo stepped on stage, the “Woololo” singer immediately set the crowd cheering and dancing along to his hits like “Kapapala,” “Gunsitula” among others that got the whole place heated up.

David Lutalo yesterday put up a splendid performance alongside his band. at Liquid Silk

The finale was stretched into the wee hours of Thursday morning and the numbers were a manifestation that the show has become popular with revellers and lovers of live music.,

And because of the huge turn-up, even moving the stage to the parking lot still did not help. Several fans that couldn’t fit inside decided to watch and enjoy the show from across the Liquid Silk fence.

The crowd was animated and engaged every minute of the journey, and paid little attention to the outdoor setup and cold weather with drinks flowing constantly.

When David Lutalo finally left the stage, late in the night, his fans were still glued to their seats, as if expecting more from the star as they looked forward to yet another season. See more photos below;

Lutalo takes on music enthusiatses Francis Kanyike aka Mr. Dynamite

Bonga: He shares a light moment with his fans as he engages the crowd.

The fans cheer him on as he keeps the engagement flowing

The Dynamite challenges the man of the evening to a ‘Paka chini‘ dance move

This fans was so excited to dance with Lutalo. The facial expression tells it all.

Come closer: Lutalo asks a fan to join him on the dance floor

This music is flowing straight into my heart. This fan seems to be saying as she gets serenaded

Lets sing together and dance together. Lutalo is joined by a fan who also showed her singing prowess

As usual, the band was clicking to perfection

Full house: The place was not enough to accommodate all the fans even outside.



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