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Photos: When Fik Fameica Defied The Odds With Successful Concert

Having a successful concert  is like a yardstick that shows musical growth but it also goes hand on hand with consistency in that one should be able to remain relevant in the fan’s ears and eyes and fast rising rapper Fik Fameica was the thing last year , we hope he keeps the pace.

On Saturday the 13th of January, Fik defied the odds when his first ever Africell  organised concert dubbed ‘Kutama Life Fiesta’ successfully went down at the Freedom City Mall based Sky Beach. This was a Fik Fameica and hundreds of fans new year’s party  going by the fact that last year the fans demanded for a concert but it never came to pass.

Fans thronged the Beach as early as 7: 30 PM ready for the action packed concert that saw the self proclaimed Fresh buoy take to stage at 11 PM with lots of ululations from the crowd that had hungrily waited for his showcase.

With no disappointment, he gave them value for the entry fee money performing tunes like ‘Gi Mi Wine’, ‘Gwe Abisobola’, ‘Kakima’, ‘Sitaani Tonkema’, ‘Mbega Wabaala’ and the fans’ favourite ‘Kutama’ among others exciting the crowd with a live music show down.

 Fellow artistes and friends at that were in the house and performed to the fans as well to show their solidarity to this young rapper and among them were Lydia Jazmine, Geosteady, Cindy, Tip Swizzy, Zil Zil, Ykee Benda, Latinum, Mun G, Irene Ntale and Roden Y.

The concert was also attended by former Vice president of Uganda HE Prof Gilbert Bukenya who bought Fik Fameica’s song’s CD at Ug Shs 1 million.

We have the photos here

Fik Fameica doing his thing

Fik Fameica singing for his crowd

This crowd was encouraging to Fik


Former Vice president Professor Gilber Bukenya bough Fik Fameica’s CD at Ug Shs 1,000,000

Fik Fameica introducing his mother

Tip Swizzy performance


Fik singing for his fans

Lydia Jazmine performing

Zill Zil performing

Cindy performing

Fans gave Fik a heroic welcpme with all their phones’ torches lit


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