Photos: How The 4th Edition Of Camp Comedy Excited Revellers In Jinja

As everyone was busy looking for plot in Kampala over the last weekend. Others chose to drive to the Eastern Uganda town of Jinja to a place called Forever Resort where the 4th edition of Comedian Dolibondo’s ‘Camp Comedy’ went down successfully last Saturday

The event attracted a number of revellers from Kampala who joined those from other places  and it was a night to party and slay

There were activities like playing soccer, board games, cards among so many others just to make sure that revellers had nothing but a fun night. Comedians like Daniel Omara, Cotilda Inapo and Dolibondo cracked jokes.  Emma Napoleone was the host but it didn’t stop him from cracking jokes as well.

Singer Kenneth Mugabi was on the guitar and he did his best to send the crowd into a loving mood performing songs like ‘Naki’, ‘Kibunomu’, ‘Nkwegomba’ among others.

For those that came single and felt cold because of Mugabi’s sweet melodies, the campfire was there to cater for them. Performances ended at around 2 AM and music was played by DJ Jose all night as most attendees kept awake and drinking beer that was in plenty.

Camp Comedy is a kind of event that requires revellers to come in with their tents where they will sleep after enjoying the comedy and musical performances while seated around a campfire.

Comedian Kotilda Inapo and Emma Napoleone who was the MC cracking jokes

Kotilda Inapo in the middle of her joke

Singer Kenneth Mugabi performing

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