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Photos: When Levixone And 92 Hands Organisation Warmed Up A Soul

Loving and sharing with the poor people in the neighborhood where one grew up from, is one of the things that show humanity to them. Gospel singers Levixone Lala and Trinity who are the founders of the 92 Hands Organisation, a community based charity organisation recently brought a lease of life to one poor lady called Mbabazi.

Mbabazi who lives in Kosovo, a slum located in Lungujja, a suburban neighbourhood near Kampala, was over the weekend given a special treat by the 92 Hands Organisation who renovated her house that was almost falling on her and the family.

“Before the walls were falling in, rain water was flowing in, the cold was unbearable. Mbabazi and her 7 kids were going through all this because she could not afford to repair her broken house. The Wise Builders from 92hands Organisation and Levixone music team changed all this on Sunday by renovating her house and providing a warm shelter for Mbabazi and her family.” Gospel singer Levixone told Chano8.


Gospel singer Levixone personally perticipated in renovating Mbabazi’s house

I levixone am inspired to be the change I  want to see in my community, as a wise builder am committed to change the communities I live in.  This year we are planning to renovate more houses if God makes the money available. After Mbabazi, we expect to renovate Maama Nakaye’s house before December because we are planning on the Feed Kosovo Christmas Challenge.” Levixone concluded.

Levixone and the 92 Hands organisation have been doing lots of good things before for Kosovo slum like providing food, scholastic materials for school going children to the poor and unable families there. This is where Levixone grew up from as a street kid.

See More pictures below


Gospel singer Trinity the co-founder of 92 Hands Organisation busy at work


Levixone’s young brother Tricky (left) and the other members mixing the sand


Mbabazi whose house was renovated puts on a smile


Levixone (4th from left) pausing for photos with Mbabazi (5th from left) and the rest of the team


Mbabazi physically perticipated in her house’s renovation


Levixone with Mbabazi


Busy at work: Levixone pushes a wheelbarow full of sand

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