Photos: When Life Of Bebe Cool’s Concert Filled Serena Hotel To Capacity

Photos by Habre Muriisa and Roy Ruva

From the day he announced the concert of his life in February this year, Uganda’s Reggae and Ragga artiste Big Size Bebe Cool did not leave all the preparations to be done by the manager. He personally was involved in the making of ends meet so his concert would be the best.

All the hard work done and the sleepless nights aimed at the concert’s success was manifested last Friday night at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall, where the highly anticipated Life Of Bebe Cool concert was held amid a very overwhelming number of fans from all corners of Uganda and the mother land Africa, although some people had predicted a big ‘flop’  due to the fact that Bebe was one of the top artistes who took part in the  rulling party NRM’s ‘Tobonga Nawe’ project.

Below is how the concert went down through the lens.


Big Size Bebe Cool put up a remarkable live performance




Gagamel Phamily’s First lady Zuena (left) and Leon Island’s first lady Daniella pausing for our camera


Winnie Nwagi dancing to Bebe Cool’s ‘Kabulengane’


Ragga Dee was there too


The guest performer Miss Patty Monroe from South Africa was simply flawless


Singer Lydia Jazmine recording some videos


The Chief Of Defence Forces Uganda, General Katumba Wamala (centre) and his wife were in attendance too

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