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Photos: Nameless Braves Heavy Rains While Performing In Uganda

We will not be wrong to say that artiste Nameless was and is still a star when it comes to the Kenyan music industry, with one of his tunes ‘Sinzia’ rocking the airwaves in Uganda some years back. Therefore, for big artistes like him, it is kind of hard for them to perform while it is raining on them but to our surprise, Nameless did.

On Monday the 17th of April as one of Uganda’s top music producers Washington marked 20 years in the music industry at Casablanca Pub located in Kololo, the Kenyan artiste was the main headliner of the event dubbed Magic Washington Legacy and he took to stage at half past 2 AM while it rained. Without a change of mind just because it was showering, he went on and performed as the fans cheered and danced alongside him.

Clad in a pair of blue shoes, white stripped jeans, a black t-shirt and jacket, he sang songs like ‘Boomba Train’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Sinzia’ among many others. As matter of fact, ‘Sinzia’ threw the fans who also didn’t leave because it was raining into a frenzy and some ladies were seen pulling some rare strokes.

Nameless’ performance was not interrupted by the rain at all

The rain did not stop throughout Nameless’ entire performance. “Tuendele ama tusiendele” (Kiswahili for should we go on or shouldn’t we go on) Nameless asked the excited crowd. “Tuendele.” The fans replied him thus performing more songs for them.

Fans were seen having a good time, taking pictures and doing live social media videos with him.

Here is more of how it went down through the lens

Nameless and producer Washington at the event

Fans stayed although it rained to watch Nameless performing

The rain did not stop Nameless from performing

Some ladies dancing with Nameless

Some artistes had a chance to sing as Nameless watched

Nameless pulling some dance strokes


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