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Photos: Qute Kaye And Mama Lususu In Public Display Of Affection

Sure Deal Beauty Centre a company that deals in local beauty products was among the many people who came out to reach a hand to at one time one of Uganda’s biggest musicians Qute Kaye after he was nabbed red handed in a failed attend of stealing car headlights in Busega, a Kampala City suburb

The boss Sure Deal Beauty Centre offered to held Qute Kaye in any financial hardships and in her words she saidYou still have your talent and I want us to help you rejuvenate. I will buy you new cloths so that you look like the Qute Kaye we all knew, I also want to get you a house you will be living in with your wife and I will take care of you as well.”

Since then, the connection between Qute Kaye and the boss Sure Deal commonly known as ‘Maama Lususu’ is too tight and it has aroused some allegations on whether the two are in what may seem like a secret love relationship

However, whatever was alleged as a secret relationship is no longer a secret going the now trending eye catching photos that made their way on the international network. The two photos show Mama Lususu and Qute Kate stading in what seems like a sitting room of a house that is believed to be the one she promised to give Kaye and the family.

What caused internet uproar was actually not the photos but the way Mama Lususu was holding Qute by the waist, while putting on  a beautiful smile as justification that she was enjoying the comfort of the ‘Jinkese’ hit maker’s waist.

Meanwhile, there are more rumours claiming that Mama Lususu could be on a journey of making Qute Kaye hers despite the fact he has a wife and a child. Time will tell.



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