Photos: Rapper Fresh Kid Wows Fellow Kids At The KCCA Children’s Fun Day

Photos and video by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Ever since 8-year-old rapper Fresh Kid began going to a new school, Kampala Parents School, the rate at which performs at shows and bars kind of reduced as he nowadays school takes much of his time than music as opposed to those days when he was in the Kwanda based St Agnes Primary School

Last Saturday Fresh Kid took the children who attended the KCCA Children’s Fun and Talent Day on a thrilling music trip which must truly still be the talk on their lips.

Fresh Kid who was one of the main performers of this event which was powered by our sister company MixaKids was all on the children’s mind. Even before it was his time to take to perform, children were heard demanding the MC to bring him on stage

At a few minutes past 2 PM the ‘Bambi’ hit maker took to the stage to do what he does best, he was welcomed by a crowd of children until he stepped in stage.

Her performed some of his songs like ‘Taki Taki’, ‘Competition’, ‘Tip Tap’, ‘Mukulu’, ‘Victim’, and  ‘Bambi’, ‘Banteeka’ as the children sang along word for word.He also did some freestyle which exited the kids the more

After his performance, Fresh Kid almost failed to make his way out of Kitante Primary School playground where the even was held, because of the crowd of uncontrolled children who wanted to do nothing but touch  and feel him.

Check out the photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

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