Photos: Reggae And Nyam Nyam Affair At Roast And Rhyme

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

When do you ever get the chance see Reggae stars like Bebe Cool, Mighty Son, Benon and Vampos share the same stage? Well it happened last Sunday at the Roast and Rhyme picnic event that took place at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo.

The event organised by Swangz Avenue record label which has picked up so first, was this time held under the theme “Raggae Nyam Nyam” and true to the promise, there was massive reggae as revellers enjoyed meat in different forms on the backdrop of the cool breeze of Lake Victoria.

Reggae fans started storming the venue as early as 1pm and wanted to have fun to the maximum with some carrying their own meat and cooking stoves, drinks in ice coolers and mats. Others stormed the place with their families and got to business immediately.

After the DJ’s warmed up the crowd with some Reggae mixes, the event kicked off officially with Mighty Son giving the best of his vibes and veterans Benon and Vampose proving to fans that they still got it with their old-time classics like ‘Mumuleete gyendi mwe,’ ‘I know,’ ‘Smart wire,’

“We are grateful for turning up in big numbers and supporting local talent. Next time it will even be bigger and better”. Said Benon one of the brains behind the event.

Bebe Cool concluded the night with some energetic performances backed up by his Gagamel band as he performed both old and new jams till midnight.

Our cameras captured some of the best moments.

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