Photos: When SMS ONE Staff Threw A Colorful Surprise Birthday Bash For Boss Elizabeth Mushabe

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins and Habre Muriisa

Monday, January  22nd 2018 will forever remain one memorable day for the staff of SMS ONE and particularly for their boss Mrs. Elizabeth Mushabe after a surprise birthday bash was organised in honour of the company’ co-founder and Finance director as she celebrated adding yet another year to her already beautiful journey on earth. SMS ONE is the parent company to chano8, Mixakids and Mixateens.

Although her real birthday was January 17th, the staff could not celebrate on the day as she was away on a business trip abroad. This however, could not deter the determined team from celebrating the life of one of the most adorable and humble bosses the company is blessed with.

They set about organising the bash for close to two weeks behind her back and everything went to plan, right from the time the idea was conceived, to when the last member left the party venue.

A WhatsApp group was hastily set up and every member agreed to keep all details away from till the hour of reckoning which came on Monday evening and beautifully setup by Mr. David Mushabe the CEO himself who tricked Liz as she is passionately referred to by her staff to return to office for some urgent business which required her to sign some documents.

Just like any other committed, loyal wife and partner, she had to comply and returned to the office in Kololo where the staff members had taken cover in the dark office gardens with security lights switched off.

You could feel the excitement in the hearts of the staff as her dodge rolled into the parking yard. As soon as she stepped on the brake pedals, all the staff like excited children about to receive Christmas gifts from uncle Santa, poured towards her car led by guitar maestro Charmant Mushaga as they burst into a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday to you….’. She was completely caught offside and in real shock and a little embarrassed like a baby caught stealing sugar.

Surprise: Elizabeth shies away from her colleagues as they sing to her

After about two rounds of singing, Charmant then serenaded her with a special French version of ‘Happy Birth to you’. By this time Mr Mushabe had emerged from his hiding place and joined in the fun. All this time Liz remained glued to her car seat shaking her head and smiling sheepishly at her colleagues who surrounded her car.

“Like Donald Trump says, you are all fired” were the first words she croakily joked after slightly recovering and catching her breath. She stepped out of the car dressed in her jogging attire and sneakers as she was ambushed on her way to the usual exercise routine. She had no option but to join in the party as it all finally dawned on her. The face lit and smile became wider after she was led to her seat at the high table which was set up by staff in the gardens.

The staff member led by Charmant Mushaga singing ‘Happy birthday to you’

Savoury bites and drinks were served before some members of staff were given an opportunity to wish the birthday girl a more intimate ‘Happy Birthday’. They poured all the deserved praises on her and wished her good health and more happy celebrations ahead. This was followed by a moment of handing special gifts to her.

She then thanked the family for everything and confessed not having a clue about what was going on before cutting and serving her beautifully baked and designed cake. The celebrations continued deep into the night as members left at leisure.

Charmant Mushaga sings his own version of ‘Happy Birthday to you’

The CEO Mr. David Mushabe joins in the celebrations after playing his part.

She shares a light moment with some of the senior members of staff at SMS ONE

The staff members cheer as they give her a thunderous welcome

She cuts her special delicious cake which was served to the staff

Mr Joshua Kibedi commonly known as ‘Uncle Mixa‘ takes on Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Chairty Byarugaba in a thrilling dance session

She was described as an ‘Angel’ in her birthday message which was written in a card designed by the illustration department

We are family: The gift that was given to boss by staff of SMS ONE

Chano8’s photo-journalist Habre Muriisa shows off his dance moves

Yummy: Senior Illustrator Mino Abdul Aziz enjoys a piece of chicken muchomo at the party

Chano8’s Gloria Batuta was MC of the night


In shock: Elizabeth could not believe what she was seeing as the staff sang for her


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