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Photos: Socialite Allan Kanyike ‘Dynamite’ Unveils His Chick

He has a very funny dance stroke and does funny things which make you want to watch him more and more. If you are an events goer, you ought to have bumped into an aging man who wears a hat many times enjoying himself. The man we are talking about is none other than socialite Allan Kanyike also known as Dynamite.

According to the little information we know about him, he lived and worked in the United Kingdom for 25 years before returning to Uganda a few years ago to invest and enjoy his retirement

At his age (in the 60’s), the way he behaves and the things he does at events make you ask yourself what he was doing in his 20’s and 30’s?. Being a party animal, he amused us and revellers again at the recent gospel singer Peace Mbabazi Kyamukongwire’s ‘Turinke Mpuungu’ concert that took place at Club Obligato,Kampala when he unveiled his Ugandan chick for the world to see.

Allan and his chick were among the VIP’s at the concert and after the first phase of Peace’s performance, it was time for the revelers to contribute some money to the artiste and Kanyike was among the givers. As he gave his contribution, he held the microphone and introduced himself before introducing his chick as well. He also did not hesitate to call her in front so that cameras and the crowd could see and appreciate

She is my best friend and if she wasn’t there for me, I wouldn’t be enjoying my early retirement,” Kanyike spoke with a British accent as the crowd laughed loud.

Meanwhile, the Chick whose name was not disclosed is a 42 year old soft-spoken lady who is doing her best to comfort Kanyike during his retirement and going by their picture they painted that day, the two seem to be in real love. Kanyike also disclosed that his chick comes from former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi’s family.

We have the photos

Kanyike introducing his chick for the world to see and appreciate

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