Photos: The Colorful Pina Colada Weekend To Rememeber

Uganda Waragi introduced the country’s first and biggest cocktail festival dubbed the Pina Colada Weekend which rocked held in Kampala last weekend between April 18 and 20, 2019. The three day festival characterized by mixing, shaking, creating, drinking, tasting and sipping on some of Uganda Waragi’s finest cocktails attacted a big number of revellers in different bars around the city.

So, as the world prepared for the year’s longest holiday, cocktail lovers and enthusiasts descended upon Panamera Bar in Kampala for the country’s first ever cocktail festival to blast away.

Dubbed the ‘Pina Colada Weekend,’ the tropical-themed event attracted hundreds of revellers who started streaming into the venue as early as 2pm on Friday afternoon. The massive crowd that stretched shoulder-to-shoulder exuded an incredible energy that by midnight, the numbers just kept growing and so did the enthusiasm.

Cocktails are a part of many social gatherings in Uganda, and the Pina Colada Weekend provided revellers a chance to make their own new Uganda Waragi Pineapple and Coconut creations with the help of master mixologists, and to enjoy other signature and festival-exclusive cocktails that were on offer.

In its first year, the Pina Colada Weekend that was held to celebrate the art of mixology and consumption of local cocktails did not disappoint.

The Pina Colada cocktail, after which the event has been named is a sweet mix of both Coconut juice and Pineapple rum, and is often served blended or shaken with ice. Uganda Waragi’s coconut and pineapple flavors lend themselves perfectly to cocktails.

Check out the highlights of how it went down;

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