Photos: The Highlights From The Chano8 Conekt And Mixa Teens Exclusive Movie Plot

All Photos by Habre Muriisa and Roy Ruva/Chano8

For close to three weeks, the hype for the Chano8 Conekt and Mixa TeensBlack Panther Movie Plot’ has been running on social media through a challenge where Chano8 fans were asked questions through a Facebook challenge and those who passed the questions won themselves tickets to watch the trending movie.

 The intention was not to just organise the movie plot but also to launch a new youth campaign and club dubbed ‘Unleash Your Panther’. This will foresee many ventures that bring solutions to problems that we all as a society face so that our cry changes from ‘may the government help us’ to ‘Let the Government come for our help’

Finally, the promised day Saturday the 10th of March came and Century Cinemax based in Acacia Mall, Kamwokya was the place the winners  and some invited guests headed to for this amazing experience. As early 1 PM, the revellers were already at the venue ready for show time.

Attended by mainly university and tertiary institutions students, it was a red carpet and cocktail treat  event that saw the the revellers watch the trending ‘Black Panther’ movie in 3D , slay it on the red carpet as well us  learning from the invited guests who advised them on life skills. The guests were NTV’S Andrew Kabuura and Joel Kamadi, Aisha Ali and Brian Ssenonga. 

Here are the photos  

SMS ONE/Chano8/Chano8 Conekt/Mixa Teens boss Mrs ELizabeth Mushabe Endorsing the the Unleash Your Panther youth campaign

SMS ONE/Chano8/Chano8 Conekt/Mixa Teens boss Mrs ELizabeth Mushabe launching the Unleash Your Panther youth campaign

The look on their faces and the ‘Wakanda For Ever’ Sign tells they were ready for the Black Panther movie

NTV’s Reved Up host Anfrew Kabuura was the MC of the day

The Project Manager Mixa Teens Mr Jerry Ssesanga giving his remarks

Inspirational speaker and business woman Aisha Ali was one of the invited guests to speak to the revellers

Awards were given to Mixa Teens and Chano8 Conekt representatives in different high schools and Universities

Chano8’s visual content assistant and staff writter Habre Muriisa doing the Wakanda Forever sign

A section of revellers in the cinema hall

SMS ONE/ Chano8/Chano8 Conekt/Mixa Teens Chief Operations Officer Mrs Charity Byarugaba elaborating more on what the Unleash Your Panther youth campaign has to offer

All the revellers got snacks to eat as well as drinks

Madam Aisha Ali enjoying her snack


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