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Photos: When Jack Pemba Gave Back To The Journalists

Whatever content that airs on TV, radio stations, newspapers, websites and blogs is gathered by journalists. They work for long hours, late hours and sometimes work in risky environments but on Thursday evening. They were perhaps given some bit of joy buy business tycoon Jack Pemba.

Shortly after his return from Dubai, Pemba held a press conference at Serena Hotel to physically hand over the Ug Shs 100 million he had promised Brian Ahumuza aka Abryanz as his sponsorship kit for the Abryanz Style and fashion awards (ASFA) slated for December 8th.

After handing over the cash, it was time for a Q&A and one of the questions asked by Dembe FM’s Kasuku was that why wasn’t he (Pemba) helping journalists yet they are the same people who cover him and his events.

In his response, Pemba asked Kasuku how much he would give back to journalists to help them make their work better.

“75Million,” was his response and Pemba replied that that is too much money but could only give them shs 20 Million, with 2million in cash.

Many thought he was joking not until he pulled out 10k notes worth 2million and handed it over to the ‘Talk and talk’ presenter who decided to distribute the amount equally among those present.

The Pemba sports academy director promised to deliver the remaining 18 million within the coming months.

Jack Pemba raising up the ‘Pemba No 1’ placard after handing over Ug Shs 20 million for the journalists to Dembe FM’s Kasuku

Jack Pemba hand over 100 million to Abryanz

Journalists taking photos of Abryanz with his Ug Shs 100 million



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