Photos: When Kampala Color Fun Run Painted The City

Photos by Habre Muriisa

I attended the Kampala Color fun run yesterday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds-Kampala and a few hours later, I was looking for the bathrooms in vain because I was all covered by different colours.

The second edition of the Kampala Color Fun run took place yesterday amid a lot of excitement from the revellers who were basically doing two main things namely, dancing to the music and pouring different colours on friends and other revellers

The powdered colours varied from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, white among others and the event commenced with a run around Kyandodo area as onlookers cheered the participants on.

Later, the revellers came back to Kyadondo Rugby grounds where the rest of the day’s activities took place. Below is how the event went down in pictures.

DSC_1041 (Large) DSC_0998 (Large) DSC_0991 (Large) DSC_0952 (Large) DSC_0951 (Large)

DSC_6494 (Large) DSC_6488 (Large) DSC_6402 (Large) DSC_6394 (Large) DSC_6391 (Large) DSC_6388 (Large) DSC_6378 (Large) DSC_6361 (Large) DSC_6357 (Large) DSC_6352 (Large) DSC_6349 (Large) DSC_6348 (Large) DSC_6344 (Large) DSC_6343 (Large) DSC_6340 (Large) DSC_6335 (Large) DSC_6333 (Large) DSC_6331 (Large) DSC_6326 (Large) DSC_6323 (Large) DSC_6319 (Large) DSC_6314 (Large) DSC_6313 (Large) DSC_6309 (Large) DSC_6307 (Large) DSC_6305 (Large) DSC_6289 (Large) DSC_6285 (Large) DSC_6281 (Large) DSC_6277 (Large) DSC_6275 (Large) DSC_6274 (Large) DSC_6273 (Large) DSC_6268 (Large) DSC_6263 (Large)DSC_6486 (Large) DSC_6479 (Large) DSC_6467 (Large) DSC_6462 (Large) DSC_6455 (Large) DSC_6452 (Large) DSC_6428 (Large) DSC_6414 (Large) DSC_6412 (Large)

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