Photos: When Levixone And 92 Hands Helped Needy Pupils In Kosovo

photos by 92 Hands Organisation

You do not need to be stinking rich to do charity. It is all about the philanthropic attitude one has towards what we call ‘Needy People’. Talking about this, fast rising gospel singer Levixone Lala together with the 92 Hands organisation which heads with his child hood friend Trinity are some people whose dedicated hearts to Charity might take them places.

Through the years, 92 Hands organisation has helped the needy families in Kosovo slum where Levixone grew up with quite a number of things among which include renovation of some families’ old looking houses, giving them food items for Christmas (Feed Kososvo Christmas challenge) every 24th December and the Kosovo back to school challenge where they provide scholastic materials to school going children in the slum.

Last week of Friday, children whose parents did afford to buy them school requirements got everything they needed all courtesy of 92 Hands . The distribution process began in the morning saw smiles of the children’s faces after receiving the things and by day end, 203 kids had received materials the needed for first term 2017. Among the things given out were exercise books, mathematical sets, pens, rulers, pencils, graph books among others.

Below is a selection of pictures of how it went down



Levixone of the van that carried the scholastic materials


Trinity with one of the pupils in Kosovo slum

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