Photos: When Mammoth Crowds Filled Uganda Museum For Rolex Festival

In other countries, Rolex refers to a Swiss luxury watch but in Uganda, ‘Rolex’ is a slang for snack comprising of fried eggs rolled in chapatti. It is one of the most eaten snacks in Uganda, mostly in urban areas and for that matter therefore, the Tourism Board decided to make ‘Rolex’ a tourist attraction as well as holding an annual Rolex Festival.

The 3rd edition of this festival happened on Sunday the 19th of August at Uganda Museum amid a record-breaking crowd that was mainly dominated by high school going students, basing on the fact that schools broke off for holidays

By midday revellers from all walks of life had filled up the venue and the place even became more crowded in hours that followed. By 3 PM, the crowd was impenetrable as fans had come to party and enjoy themselves while munching of Rolexes and other foodstuffs available. Music performances live Dj Mixes also excited the crowd

Artistes like Roden Y, Fik Fameica, Vinka as well as Dj Roja and Slick Stuart excited the  crowd with performances that kicked off around 7:30 PM

The thousands of revellers who came through for the fest was also a golden chance for renowned city thieves known as ‘Kifeesi’ to forcefully rob revellers’ property like money and smart phones

Despite all that, Rolex Festival was a fun filled event which the revellers enjoyed to the fullest and this particular edition will go down in history as the first ever event to be held at the museum to register huge numbers.

Here are the photos

Vinka performing

Fik Fameica performing

Roden Y performing

NTV’s Andrew Kyamagero and Galaxy FM’s Prim were the hosts

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