Photos: When Maro Released The ’98 Good Decisions’ Album

Singer Maro is one of the good vocalists in Uganda. He had very good songs in 2013, 2014 and 2015 but relaxed a bit leaving his fans and well wishers with a lot of unanswered questions.  

The singer came out to say that the two years he has been missing in action was not that he was failing musically. The reason for missing in action is that his 22 truck album took him a whole year while working on it. Titled ‘98 Good Decisions’, the album was released by the singer at an album release party that he held at Sky Lounge at Kisementi, Kampala.

The event attracted singers and fans of the singer who came to be part of what the event had to offer. As revellers came in, DJ Cizza kept them entertained as he played music from 8 PM to about 10:40 PM when singer Cosign took to the stage and performed two songs. Maro hit the stage at a few minutes past 11:00 PM and Performed songs off the album like ‘Only God Knows’, ‘Anjagala’, ‘Nsiima’, ‘Ko’ among others.

He also reminded the revelers of the good old days of Maro and performed songs like ‘I am Not A Star’, ‘Kamboyine’ and ‘Atwooki’ which created hype in the fans as they sang and danced along to the songs.

The songs on the album were produced by Nessim, Brian Beats and HitableSoundZ in Tanzania and the whole album was mixed and mastered by Maro’s main producer and backup artiste ZuliTumz. Maro performed up to midnight and called it a night after he asked his fans to support his album.

Maro performing

Maro, A Pass and a friend posing for cameras

KFM’s Malaika arriving for the album release



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