Photos: When Minister Kiwanda Was Awarded An Honorary Doctorate In Tourism

Criticism sometimes is necessary because it helps give someone mileage. As many were casting stones at and castigating him over his involvement in the upcoming Miss Curvy Uganda beauty pageant, some people were appreciating his role in promoting Uganda’s tourism and on Saturday, Godfrey Kiwanda, the State Minister for Tourism was rewarded.

He was awarded with a  Honorary Doctorate in Tourism from Yesbud University which is based in Zambia.

He was honored along with other players in the tourism sector from other countries.

Among his great achievement as minister, Kiwanda initiated the ‘Tulambule Uganda’ campaign to encourage Ugandans to visit their country but before that, he had launched the ‘Rolex’ which is now a top delicacy for most tourists.

He also recently endorsed the ‘Miss Curvy Uganda’ beauty pageant aimed at appreciating the well-endowed Ugandan women.

Godfrey Kiwanda was appointed Minister on June 6, 2016 has on several occasions been described as a player Uganda has always needed to boast her tourism potentials due to his ‘creative’ establishments.



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