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Photos:Kapalaga Baibe’s Sold Out Concerts Through The Lens

The last Friday evening drizzle that began at 4PM didn’t stop revellers from filling up the Bombo-road based Club Obligato to attend Kapalaga Baibe’s concert dubbed ‘Ndabirawa Tindirio’ that was proudly sponsored by SMS ONE , Chano8.com and MTN .

Showtime started at 8 PM with a singing competition of Kapalaga’s first song where a lady emerged the winner taking a boda boda (motor bike) from Mambo Poa and solar panel solutions. Music Performances started at around 9pm with artistes like Bobi Wine, David Lutalo, Little Boss, Chris Evans, Hajji Haruna Mubiru, Kazibwe Kapo among others taking to stage as they warmed up for the man of the night.

At around 11pm Kapalaga Baibe stormed the stage with his ‘Nyonyi Muzinge’ song, followed by ‘Wampangula’, ‘Sikyatawaana’, ‘Kasita Ogonda’ ft Mr Wiggy, then ‘Eno Gyenina’. He was joined by singer Joan Dush with whom they took the crowd on to a gospel trip singing songs like ‘Nze Ani’, the famous ‘I know Who I Am’ by Sinach then and one of his big hits ‘Ndabirawa’.

Kapalaga thanked his supporters for their unending love they have showed him for all the years before performing his blockbuster ‘Ekyuma Ekirima Enguudo’ and later ‘Tindi Tindirio’.

Later on Saturday he gave Mukono people their dosage of happiness at Satellite Beach and on Sunday in Nansana at Holly Fam where the excited fans were left yearning for more.

This weekend, he is taking the same concert to Labamba in Matugga on Friday, Ntwatwa Gardens-Katende on Saturday finally Ziloobwe on Sunday.

Below is how the concerts went down through the lens


Kapalaga Baibe performing



Kapalaga Baibe and Joan Dush behind stage


Kapalaga truly entertained the crowd


Aidah Nambi from Gomba sang Kapalaga Baibe’s first song ‘Omwavu Abonabona Nyo’ and won her her self a Boba Boda (motor bike)


David Lutalo


Hajji Haruna Mubiru


Chris Evans


Senga Sebanga entertaining the people







Bobi Wine and Nubian Li performing


Kapalaga’s biological father Mzee Sereste Kasule (right) saying thank you to revellers for supporting his son


Kapalaga did not stop at only announcing that lucky ladies’ hair would be plaited for free




Aidah Nambi from Gomba sang Kapalaga Beibe’s first song ‘Omwavu Abonabona Nyo’ and won her self a motor bike

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