Photos:The Sights At Milege International Music Festival Day 2

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Yesterday Sunday the 26 of November marked the third and final day of the 3 day ‘Milege International Music Festival’ that began last Friday the 24th at Entebbe Botanical Gardens. Day one had its own interesting things and day two was a blast too, if the crowd’s wowing reception to the spectacular showcases from the headlining performers is anything we should go by.

Music performances, which is always intended to unwind the attendees from the long day(s) at the fest was opened by Rockies Troupe who took it cultural and later was Bengatronics Band, The Rap Poet, KYP Dancers and later Qwela Band who performed last.

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Leaving the music alone, lots of other activities took place like exhibition, touring the zoo among others and below are the photos

Roger Mugisha and Cleopatra Koheirwe were the hosts

The crowd at Milege Festival day 2

Qwela Band’s Sandra Suubi (right) and one of the singers singing their hearts out

KYP Dancers all the way from South Africa performing

Bengatronics Band performing

There was room for exhibition

The mayor of Entebbe Mr Paul Kayanja (left) dancing it off

One of the MCs Giovan interacting with one of the revellers

Rockies Troupe showcasing what that had in stock

One of the lead singers of Rockies Troupe singing

Rockies Troupe dancers displaying some eye catching

The Rap Poet perfroming

Love at Milege Festival


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