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Photos:When Navio’s Njogereza Concert Set Garden City Roof Top On Fire

Photos by Habre Muriisa

Hip Hop veteran Navio promised Uganda a concert they have never seen before and yes it was manifested last Friday night the 9th of September at Garden City roof top located in Kampala. He did not only put up a good show, but also got a good crowd to cheer him on during the live sessions.

The Club Beer- sponsored Njogereza Concert had lots of headlining artistes like Maro, Gravity Omutujju, Mun G, Valentine, Taka HD, 4GB, Ziza Bafana, Young Mulo, Kent and Flosso,  brothers Vampino, Saba Saba and Maurice Kirya, Keko among many others and each performer had a time to entertain the big crowd of revellers who turned up to support the ‘Ngalo’ hit maker.

Navio did put up an energetic performance in the two rounds of his live performance, below is how the rest went down through the lens

Full pictorial of Navio’s recently concluded  Njogereza Concert


Navio getting ready for show time back stage

DSC_5431 (Large)

Navio looking at Gravity Omutujju as he did his Luga Flow

DSC_5617 (Large)

Hip Hop singer Unique

DSC_5610 (Large)

A fan showing off Navio’s picture

This is one of the dancers who excited the revellers dancing to ‘Njogereza’

DSC_5561 (Large)

Dj Crisio on the turn tables

DSC_5560 (Large)

Navio performing with Flexx Di Paper (Hip Hop singer)

DSC_5534 (Large)

The Mith doing his thing

DSC_5518 (Large)

Bebe Cool

DSC_5485 (Large)

Jack Pemba and wife Sheba Kasami were there

DSC_5487 (Large)

Talent Africa Music’s Boss Aly Allibhai was there

DSC_5494 (Large)

Hip Hop star Keko

DSC_5470 (Large)

Maurice Kirya’s brother Saba Saba (right) with a friend

DSC_5460 (Large)

Navio’s mother Dr Maggie Kigozi

DSC_5450 (Large)

NBS TV’s Agatha Loswash enjoying the performances

That time when Maurice Kirya displayed his guitar playing skills

DSC_5413 (Large)

Maurice Kiryas’s brother Saba Saba performing

This vendor couldn’t hold but dance his excitement off

DSC_5353 (Large)

Guitarist and singer Charmant Mushaga pausing for our camera with Keko back stage

DSC_5328 (Large)

These are the trumpeters who spiced up Navio’s performance

Navio and Talent Africa Music’s Aly Allibhai discussing somethings before he took the stage

DSC_5305 (Large)

Hellen Lukoma and Lelila Kayondo in attendance

DSC_5283 (Large)

Ziza Bafana perfoming

DSC_5273 (Large)

Vampino came in a mask

DSC_5261 (Large)

Luga Flow singer St Nelly Sade

DSC_5249 (Large)

Rapper Taka HD

DSC_5245 (Large)

Ragga and Dancehall singer Young Mulo back stage

DSC_5196 (Large)

New York of the ‘Naakwatamu’ song fame doing his thing

DSC_5190 (Large)

Ragga singer Percy Commando


Bebe Cool performing Kabulengane


Navio and Maurice Kirya performing


Ziza Bafana


Rapper 4GB


Luga Flow singer Jora MC


Fefe Busi


Young Mulo

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