Plascon Paints Clears The Air About Entering Ugandan Market

After back and forth movements in the media concerning the rebranding of Sadolin Paint to Plascon, many confusing things and theories have been brought forward in different sections of the media. However, Plascon has come forward to clear the key issues in all this and the most important being that, the paint and quality of the product that Uganda has come to love over the years is now found in a Plascon tin and not any other tin.  

 According to the management, the production sites, quality standards, materials and people that produced the Sadolin paint are all still in place and the change has only been to the name of the brand now known as Plascon Paint. So according to this, the real paint in Sadolin tins now is in Regal, the paint and brand owned by Akzo Nobel.

This therefore is to clear the confusion that has been making rounds in media concerning the product and quality that has been in Uganda for the last 55 years which has been maintained but packaged as Plascon Paint.

Therefore why Plascon prides itself as the biggest brand even when they have just come to the faces of Ugandans is mainky because the paint, the company, people, paint factories and quality standards that have created the brand Sadolin now belong to and are  manufactured by Plascon paints.

Plascon Paint also states that, the factories that produce their paint remain in Namamve industrial park and 2nd Street Industrial Area which produces the best quality; most trusted and loved paint products. Therefore encourage people who want the quality, service and performance of the past but with advantages of colour support, global trends and a brand across Africa, need to paint with Plascon paint.

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