“Police Is On A Mission To Make Me Broke”-Bobi Wine Cries Out

A  few days ago, Galaxy FM was supposed to have their Zzina beach carnival at Busabaala but a day to the event, we started seeing presenters posting of how the event has been postponed and how they are working with police to find a new venue. Luckily they secured Jahazi pier Munyonyo but the reason for the lifting of the event from was not mentioned until today when Bobi Wine explained what took place.

Bobi Wine said that the police has halted all his shows because they are intimidated.

He also added that it would be okay if he was the only one on the losing out on these shows but hundreds are also ending up unemployed.

“A few days ago, police stopped an event that had to take place at Busabala where I was not even going to perform but police stopped it. They told galaxy to look for another venue without any explanation. That was an indication that they are targeting me as an individual. A shameful and wrong thing to do. They are making sure I run broke which breaks the laws of the constitution. Every time I hold events, over 200 people are also earning something out of it so blocking me means hundreds won’t feed their families,” Bobi Said during an interview with NBS TV’s Uncut show.

A few weeks ago, Gulu Police led by their commander stoped Bobi Wine Kyarenga Extra concert that was slated to take place at Smiling Panda Hotel.

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