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Police Still On The Search For Weasel Over Assaulting House Help, As His Family ‘Has No Idea Of His Whereabouts’

Police is still looking for Goodlyfe Entertainment artiste Weasel over reports that he assaulted his very own house help  identified as Baker Kaweesi. 

A week ago, the Raggamuffin (Weasel), in a nasty fight, badly beat up Kaweesi over disrespecting his girlfriend and it also said that during the fight, he broke Kaweesi’s leg.

From the time this incident happened, the whereabouts of one half of the Radio (RIP) and Weasel duo have remained unknown. Police has been on search for him but haven’t found him yet.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, Weasel beat up Kaweesi and injured him badly, he therefore needs to report to police to record a statement.

“We are looking for him. we have been at his house in Makindye Kizungu zone but he is not there” he said at a press conference held at police head quarters in Naggulu, Kampala.

Meanwhile, although they have denied knowing about his whereabouts, the Police is accusing the Mayanja family (Weasel’s family) for hiding him.

Police says that once he singer is found, he will be arrested and charged.

” Even if they sorted out the matter with the family of the victim, we shall still forward his file to the director of public prosecution(DPP) to see what charges he deserves” Oyesigire added.

Weasel’s mother recently visited Baker in hospital where he has since been receiving treatment. She said that the Mayanja family will foot all the his hospital bills for the 26-year-old Baker.

She also in a Television interview blamed Weasel’s said action on the the influence of  alcohol  and asked him to stop over drinking.


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