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Why Popular Hangouts Nandos And Mateos Were Closed


Yesterday popular Kampala high-end hang-outs Nandos and Mateos were closed for several hours.

“We’ve closed Mateos bar and Nandos for failure to honour their tax obligations amounting to over Shs150m and Shs250m respectively,” URA posted on their social media pages.

They were later reopened for business after high level negotiations with URA officials.

This comes apparently after the management of the two outlets were not ready to cooperate with the tax body in as far as clearing the tax arrears, amounting to Shs400million was concerned. URA has of recent intensified its operations of closing and attaching property of tax defaulters.

The premises were sealed off from the public with a notice to the management to keep off until they comply to the tax body’s demands. A sticker was placed on the doors with the message;

“Office Premises Sealed off.
Contact Uganda Revenue Authority Debt collection Unit for details.”

The Tax collectors were annoyed by the persisted refusal of the two joints to respond to demands earlier made to them even after they were alerted several times before. They were also warned after issuing bounced cheques, something that irked the tax officials.

After agreeing on payment schedule with the tax body, Uganda Revenue Authority Assistant Commissioner for Corporate Affairs, Sarah Birungi Banage said the two outlets which are both located on Parliamentary Avenue in the heart of Kampala City, were then allowed to reopen for business after depositing some amount and promising to clear balances soon.



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