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“Pray For Me Too”- Pope Francis Requests Ugandan Youth

Pope Francis’ message to the Ugandan youth was concluded with a special request, he said that as the youth pray for themselves, they should also pray for him too.

The excitement was at its boiling point yesterday in the morning hours as Ugandan youth from different parts of the country gathered at Kololo Independence Grounds for a meeting with ‘His Holiness Pope Francis’, who was on a two day visit in Uganda.


Pope Francis on his arrival at Kololo Airstrip

During his message to the youth, Pope Francis told the youth some encouraging words like to pray daily, to have Jesus in order to succeed among many others. However much there were some technical problems with the microphone that kind of affected hid audibility, the Pope went ahead to address the youth.


Ugandan Youth welcoming the Pope At Kololo Airstrip

While stressing his request, the pope seemed serious so to the Ugandan youth who were at Kololo air Strip, kindly hear out his kind request, get to your knees and pray for him.


“Pray for me too” Pope Francis requested Ugandan youth

Following his departure from Entebbe Airport like an hour ago, the Pope is on his way to Central African Republic (C.A.R), where he will also pay a two day visit like he did in Kenya and the Pearl of Africa. We wish him and the rest of the people aboard the plane a safe freight.

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